Poetry Competition Longlists Announced

We are delighted to announce the longlists for the 2023 Frances Browne Multilingual Poetry Competition.

Our judges would like to thank everyone who submitted poems to the Frances Browne Poetry Competition. We received more poems than in any previous year and the judges have had a truly difficult time deciding on the longlist. Now, they face the even more difficult task of choosing the final poems for the shortlist, which will be announced on Wednesday 27th September.

Full details of the competition rules are available on our Poetry Competition page.

Book your tickets to attend the Frances Browne Poetry Competition Awards Evening  on Friday 13th October at 8pm in Stranorlar. This free event is a delight for poetry lovers offering the chance to hear emerging voices and experienced poets all in a room together. Listen to live readings of poems in all three languages by their authors. Celebrate with us as we annouce the winners of the poetry competition.

This year we’re particularly looking forward to welcoming Ulster Scots writing group ‘Sheddas on tha Page’. Introduced by Anne Mc Master, their tutor and renowned poet and friend of the Festival they will share some of their new work with us, fresh from their recent performance at the Linen Hall Library in Belfast.

Book your spot here.

Good luck to all our poets and we hope to see you shortly in Ballybofey-Stranorlar!


Chalk, Anne McMaster, Co Derry

Da Wa Beyont, Emma McKervey, Co Down

Freedom, Aileen McCahon, Co. Londonderry

Gowan-Like, Caroline Johnstone, Ayrshire

Postlude, Glen Wilson, Co Armagh

Sheddas, David Atkinson, Co. Londonderry

Sweetay Monae, Niall Iósaf Ó Gallochobhair, Co Donegal

Tha Deeds, Glen Wilson, Co Armagh

Tha Watch-Hoose Atap Tha Cliff, Angela Graham, Co Antrim

The Back Medda, Fionnuala McNicholl, Co. Derry

The Wumman Who Birthed Seaborn, Angeline Kelly, Co. Antrim


Ar Snámh, Deborah Ní Ghibne, Co na Gaillimhe

Atlantach, Caitriona Lane, Co Galway

Bláth Bán na Bealtaine, Máire Dinny Wren, Co. Dhún an nGall

Cnoc an Bhogha, Niall Iósaf Ó Gallochobhair, Co. Dhún an nGall

Comaoin, Anna Colhoun, Co. Dhún an nGall

Fear Raice, Ailbhe Nic Giolla Bhrighde, Co na Gaillimhe

Foighid, Realtan Ni Leannain, Dublin

Haiku, Cuimhní Cinn, Paddy Donoghue, Donegal

Ionam, Deborah Ní Ghibne, Co na Gaillimhe

Iníon, Eibhlís Carcione, Cork

Tiomna an Chrainn Daortha, Anna Colhoun, Co. Dhún an nGall



Cake, A.M. Cousins, Co Wexford

Condy’s Field, Ciaran Cunningham, Co Donegal

Declutter, Averil Meehan, Co Donegal

Disguises, Deirdre Hines, Co Donegal

Dust, Anne Rainey, Co. Antrim

God’s Garden, A.M. Cousins, Co Wexford

Hawthorn, Catherine Kay, Co Donegal

Mrs Dunleavy’s Class, Susan Doherty, Co Donegal

My Grandfather, Seamus McDermott, Co Donegal

Palaver, Eamonn Baker, Derry

Pat Mac, Paul Hoare, Co. Donegal

Taking the Gloves, Paul Hennessy, Co Wexford

The Barber, Douglas Bartlett, Londonderry

TikTok Clock, Sean Collins, Co Donegal

Those Graveyard Sundays, Deirdre Hines, Co Donegal

Travelling Dresses, Anne Rainey, Co. Antrim,

Widdershins from Home, Fionnuala McNicholl, Co. Derry