• Frances for Children

    Although Frances wrote widely about all kinds of topics, in all kinds of media, her enduring legacy to date has been her writing for children.

    Granny's Wonderful Chair is her best known work and was a worldwide best seller. Every year we celebrate this aspect of Frances by including events dedicated to the younger generation in our programme.


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    Frances Browne and Lottie Dolls

    We are delighted to partner with Lottie Dolls on a special project to bring Frances to life for children globally.


    In 2021 we began a partnership with Lottie Dolls to bring Frances back to global recognition through their ambitious and successful vision to ensure children and childhood are represented in the toys they play with.

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    About Lottie Dolls

    Based in Donegal, on the North-West coast of Ireland, Team Lottie is made up of people – three quarters of whom are women - who are passionate about preserving the magic of childhood.


    Find out more about Lottie Dolls here

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